AGRIP Logo Description

As detailed on the home page, development is now being carried out by the community; this page is being preserved for posterity.

What's in a Name?

AGRIP Stands for Accessible Gaming Rendering Independence Possible.

Our logo attemps to impart to people what the project stands for. The intention is to catch people's attention, thus (hopefully) raising awareness of the accessible and audio gaming communities. This page aims to explain the AGRIP Logo; both the literal appearance and meaning of it.

The logo has two main parts: a picture and some graphical text. There is also a tag-line which is used occasionally. All are described below.


The picture is a simplistic impression of two old-style computer joysticks. The kind with a square base, just one fire button and a simple cylindrical stick in the middle. The right-hand joystick is entirely black, except for the fire button which is orange. This is how they usually look. The left-hand joystick is very similar, but has a white stick. This is intended to symbolise a mobility or symbol cane.

The fact that one joystick has a white handle is saying "now blind and vision-impaired people can play the same games as the fully-sighted". This is further reinforced by the fact that a "sighted" joystick is next to - on the same level as - the VI one. There being two joysticks is also meant to give an impression of the multi-player capabilities of our games.

Graphical Text

The more textual part of the logo is the abbreviation "AGRIP" in large black letters. The "I", however, is missing. In it's place is a Braille letter "I" done with square, orange dots. It is yet another hint at what we do and is meant to be an attention-grabber for any potentially curious fully-sighted people in the area.

Mostly the logo is composed of the joysticks on top and the text underneath. Sometimes the text is put alongside the joysticks. This gives us two variations of the logo that can be fitted into many differently shaped spaces if need be. Sometimes, we don't include the text portion of the logo. This results in a smaller and simpler icon (a la Apple's logo). The joysticks icon is used as the link back to the FrontPage of the Wiki.


The tag-line "i hear fragged people&qout; is a pun on a well-used saying &qout;I see fragged people". This saying was historically used by those who were good at deathmatch games. It, in turn, is a pun on the line "I see dead people&qout; from the excellent film The Sixth Sense. By saying that they can see fragged (dead) people, a player implies that they have significant prowess at the game.

As we're referring to AudioQuake, the saying has been changed to give people an idea of what the AGRIP project does.