Level Description Language (LDL)

As detailed on the home page, development is now being carried out by the community; this page is being preserved for posterity.

Please note that the files listed below are now stored temporarily in the AGRIP folder on Dropbox whilst we move our hosting and development services. The links below will be broken for now, but you can still get the files from the Dropbox folder.


This page is about the level description language (LDL), which allows blind and vision-impaired people to create 3D levels for AudioQuake. LDL has now been released in a preliminary concept-testing form.

Please give feedback and ask questions on the AGRIP-discuss mailing list where we'll be happy to help wiht any issues you may have (and, of course, fix reported bugs and continue developing new features).


The latest versions of the LDL tutorial are available online, in HTML, UNIX text file and DOS/Windows text file formats.


Current Release: 0.0.3.

Preliminary Survey Results

The current set of anonymised results from the survey may be downloaded in Gnumeric, HTML and Excel formats.